Thank you soooo much for everything Cinderella meant to Eliza and Rosie. They loved the whole thing and it could not have been more perfect- happy children, incredibly together, wonderfully unpretentious, gorgeous costumes, a ridiculous number of beautiful, brilliant ballerinas and the proudest parents in town. I know you have all worked insanely hard but it was soooo worth it. A total and utter delight.

Many many thanks,

Allie and Mark Esiri
Allie Esiri, mother of Eliza and Rosie

What a triumph!!

Really that was the most amazing spectacular performance – everyone is a buzz with how wonderfully it went.

To be honest when I first heard how many children were involved I thought you had taken on too much but you proved me wrong – it was well polished, slick & just brilliantly done.
I think you are all a wonderful patient team dealing with all of us neurotic mummies!!!

I have just such happy images in my head of the whole event, I could sit through it all again & again…

Really well done to everyone involved – just FABULOUS!!

Love from


Emily Mackie, mother of Honor and Zoe

I only wanted to say thank you for such an amazing show. Sara and Anton really enjoyed being part of it, and so did I!

As Witty said this was the best and most professional ballet school show he’d ever seen! And he said he’s seen a few.

It has been a real pleasure to be able to help even if it was just a little.

Have a much deserved rest!

Goiz xxx

Goiz McSweeney, mother of Anton and Sara


What a wonderful show, thank you so much for all your hard work. It’s really amazing how you put such a great performance together with so many girls.

Nemo was so incredible so we had great expectations and you made Cinderella even better. All the girls did a fantastic job and the music and costumes were so amazing.

Cayetana came home with a huge smile on her face, very proud and excited…

Well done to all of you and many thanks, have a good rest.

Kind regards,

Teresa Birch, mother of Cayetana

I cannot believe what a fabulous job you did – the show was amazing. Beautiful, inventive and fun – and very professional. Very, very impressive… Sasha loved being a part of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

PS: I hope you all get some rest now…
Alex Podell, mother of Sasha and Georgia

Too much excitement yesterday to be able to say Thank You !

It was a great experience for all of us, and the children are so lucky to
have the opportunity to be part of the production.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved.


Annie Gregson, mother of Ava

Just to say many congratulations on the wonderful & very ambitious performance yesterday. The children clearly really enjoyed the excitement of putting on such a professional production and we certainly enjoyed watching it.  The costumes were fabulous and the rigour with which the children had practised their pieces paid dividends and together produced a wonderful spectacle. Thank you very much for all the very hard work that went into pulling this off and the enormous logistical exercise of co-ordinating quite so many little children.

I hope you are enjoying a well earned rest!

All the best

Clare Gough, mother of Natasha

The performance was amazing!!!!! Thank you so, so much and a huge congratulations to all of you!!! I can only begin to imagine how much hard work it took. The costumes were gorgeous. The girls were brilliant and Lyla really, really enjoyed being part of it. Thank you!!

My very best wishes

Jennica Arazi, mother of Lyla

A huge thank you and congratulations on such a special production of Cinderella on Sunday.

I loved all the original ideas and mix of music and the costumes were brilliant.

I can’t believe how lucky all the children are to have had this experience, one I am sure Bay will always remember.

Thank you so much.

With very best wishes

Emily Dyson-Paley, mother of Bay

A huge thank you to you all for putting on such an incredible performance of Cinderella. We all absolutely adored it, I am not sure who had more fun, Lily with all her rehearsals and being on a stage, or us watching it. It was an astonishing feat putting so many children on stage. I didn’t think anything could beat Finding Nemo, but you did. We only wish you did it every year. Congratulations and thank you from the Heathcoat Amorys.

Alice Heathcoat-Amory, mother of Lily

Sunday’s performance of Cinderella was simply AMAZING – you all outdid yourselves in a way that I have never seen before in a children’s production.  To organise 188 children, costume them beautifully, choreograph, train and pander to all the hysterics (both children and parents) I believe you all deserve a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS.

I watched all three of my girls have the TIME OF THEIR LIFE – seriously.  Olivia couldn’t stop smiling and proudly took her costume to school today. Georgia wants to start Saturday classes and India was crushed that it was all over.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for providing them the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful performance.  They were inspired and had a truly memorable day.

Best –
Fiona Colegrave

P.S.  My mother (who took our much coveted 3rdr ticket) was in tears as she was so taken with the magic you produced on stage!

Fiona Colegrave, mother of India, Georgia and Olivia