The Ballet School Notting Hill is exceptional. The lessons for the little ones are full of charm and fantasy – fulfilling every little girl’s dream of dancing. And as the children grow their talent is nurtured to obtain the highest balletic standards. This school encourages all the best things about dance – ensuring strong technique whilst being uplifting, inspiring and full of joy.

Henrietta Courtauld mother of Willow and Lilac

Through the tremendous energy & inspirational teaching at The Ballet School, each child gets a chance to shine.

Emily Mackie mother of Honor

Miss Vanessa fits every young girl’s expectation of a fairy princess. The kindness and consideration shown by Miss Vanessa to each of the girls whatever their level and ability is so touching. The attention to detail and care that goes into the lessons, workshops and exam preparation by Miss Vanessa and her team is incredible.

Megan Bonetti mother of Leila

I cannot rave enough about The Ballet School. The ballet teachers are just what you dreamt about when you were a little girl!

Sarah Barkle mother of Rose

The Ballet School has been the most lovely half hour for Nell (3yrs) and myself. For Nell she is transported to the wonderful world of Miss Vanessa and pink. For me it is very very funny. The atmosphere is wonderfully supportive and creative and I would say it would be every girly girls dream. A must for any budding ballet dancing princess fairy!

Lucy Enfield mother of Nell

I love ballet because it is really fun and I have a really nice ballet teacher. I hope I never have to stop ballet and when I grow up I want to be a ballet dancer.

Estée Keith, age 7

The Ballet School offers a comprehensive curriculum for those ballerinas wishing to pursue the examination route while providing a balance of fun, insightful workshops explaining the classics to young dancers. Miss Vanessa has a true skill and talent for teaching children, injecting fun and imagination into all she does. My daughters love their ballet classes and now have the confidence to choreograph their own ballets around the sitting room furniture.

Anna Lewin, mother of Maddie, Mia and Rosa

…I have not been able to thank you for all that you did throughout the exam process and just the classes in general. I have not come across a more professionally run company in all of my 8 years as a mother. You are a credit to yourself and the Ballet School will continue to thrive for as long as you wish to continue! Everything about the experience is a joy. Thank you again…

Jodie Rougley, mother of Annabel